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Deer Hunting with the Hunter Slingbow

by / Tuesday, 08 September 2015 / Published in Articles & Short Stories
deer hunting with the bad ass hunter slingbow

Okay, I’ve given you guys enough time to “beat” me to being the first one to kill a deer with a Bad Ass Slingbow so now I’m going after it. It’s been extremely busy these last 2 years as I was building Bad Ass Slingbows and all of the products you have come to know and love.

We have had a lot of bumps in the road to which I think we over came all of them nicely. I am very proud of the quality and designs of my slingbows and hope that you are getting a new level of excitement and challenge out of them like I am.

That being said, I need some deer meat! The Hunter Slingbow is powerful enough so why aren’t we hunting with it? For me, I’ve been busy. For you guys I can only guess. Maybe you’re afraid the “big one” is going to get away, in which case I suggest practice, practice, practice. It’s no different than your bow. Once you get the feel for it, it will come naturally to you. Legality? Yes, there is some concern. Unfortunately we are treading in new territory here. I am not afraid to hunt with mine because it meets ALL THE REQUIREMENTS OF A BOW. Why wouldn’t I hunt with it?  Remember it only LOOKS like a slingshot.  Any other reasons I might have missed? Probably, but I think those are the biggest two.

If you go deer hunting with our slingbow, PRACTICE before you get out there and remember to take photos and videos! We have no documented deer on file yet. Now, I am off to scout some of my old favorites and a few new spots and see what I am up against this year.

Be safe and have fun this deer season!